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Welcome to The Oasis,
a virtual world for music.
Discover new music and make new friends
in this harmonious paradise that I call home.
Join the party on our Discord server.
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Welcome to The Oasis.
This is your wallet in 3D.
Explore the space and see the art you've collected
on the internet in this beautiful space just for you.
Visit the pedestal behind me to customize it further.
I'm Vivek Agrawal, and
I'd like to perform for you.
Tap and hold the screen to explore
this harmonious paradise that I call home.
You're now listening to Triangles.

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I'm getting ready to play my
first concert in the metaverse.
Owners of my non-fungible ticket will unlock an
unplugged performance of my debut Hindi album.
Have a ticket already? Present it below 🦊
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